Little Dresses For Africa


Dear Friends,

As you can imagine we have many questions going through our minds as we prepare for Kenya. And, there is one question that stands out more then others. Is Kenya were God wants us? We ask because we want to serve faithfully and obediently. So, when preparations are not going smoothly or as planned we wonder, are these signs that God does not want us serving in Kenya? Or, are they just preparations that are not going smoothly according to us?

Then, there are times we have witnessed God weaving the strangest of circumstances to point us directly toward Kenya. Such a time happened two weeks ago.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning and I was attending a sewing event our church was organizing. This particular event was for the sole purpose of sewing dresses for girls in Africa. ( I have to add that I don’t sew, not even a little bit. So, the fact that I was even at this event is a miracle. But, a friend had asked me to attend (prior to our commitment to go to Kenya) assuring me that there would be other activities I could help with that did not involve sewing.

Shortly after I arrived my friend, the coordinator, began giving short explanations to the group of how to sew the dresses, where certain materials were located and other practical information to help the day go smoothly. As the instructions were given out it became apparent there was an older woman who had sewn these dresses before. She had originally heard about “Little Dresses For Africa” (the organization that we were sewing for) on the “Today” show back in 2008. When that particular show had aired she explained to the group her thoughts, “I could do that, I still have my vision, I can use my hands and I can sew.” Since that day she has sewn more then 250 dresses that have been sent off to young girls in need. As the conversation progressed she stated “I would so love to see a picture of one of the dresses I made on a little African girl.” My friend looked at me and I looked at her. Was this a picture I could get and then give this lady?

As the Lord worked on my heart I began to see that indeed I could fit a couple of dresses in my suitcase. Therefore, about mid-afternoon I approached her and explained that my husband and I were headed to Kenya for 3 months this summer. I assured her I could take a couple dresses she had sewn and give them to some young girls in need. And, I could take pictures being certain that at least one would get to her. She didn’t hesitate to take me up on my offer, “that would be wonderful!”

I don’t know who the girls are that these dresses are meant for but God does. And He has given me the privilege of delivering them. What an honor and blessing. And, I have the blessed reassurance that indeed we are on the right path.

Thank you for joining us on this journey and hearing about how God is working in our lives. Mission work is not done alone. So, thank you for joining us by reading these letters, by praying and by contributing your finances.

Until next letter, blessings to you all.


P.S. If you wish to learn more about Little Dresses For Africa the website is:


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