Only God


Dear Friends,

This picture is of our taxi cab driver who took us from where we parked our car near the Columbus airport to the American terminal. He was born and raised in Nairobi. When he heard that was where we were headed he was beyond thrilled and gave us tips on a few places to visit. Only God.

Our flight from Columbus to Chicago was a bit bumpy but arrived on time. While on a bus taking us to the terminal to catch our connecting flight to Heathrow, London we sat next to an army physician who has traveled the world. He gave us information about Malaria, how to best avoid getting it and about the medications to take. Prior to this Laurie was contemplating not taking Doxycyline for the 3 months we are in Nairobi. She started taking it within the hour. Only God.

The flight from Chicago to Heathrow was also a bit bumpy but arrived a bit ahead of schedule. Heathrow airport had security checks that took up most of our 2 hour layover. We needed to have both our passports and our carry on rechecked. Terry’s backpack was gone through extensively. But in spite of this and in spite of the lines we made our flight with a few minutes to spare. Only God.

On the flight from Heathrow to Nairobi Laurie sat next to a teenage sister and brother traveling from Texas to Rwanda. The purpose of their trip is to help provide a vacation bible school for orphans. The three of us shared stories and prayers as we flew across continents. Only God.

Samuel was our driver who picked us up at the Nairobi airport and drove us to the Mayfield Guest House. Samuel means “God has heard”. God has heard our prayers and we have arrived to serve Him here in Nairobi. Only God.

Until next letter,



2 thoughts on “Only God

  1. Only God…
    Meeting with a couple who trust in Him…
    They have experienced life, both in and out of Christ,
    Are willing to share their testimonies openly..
    Are true to self and Christ..
    Willing to advice and shape a young man…
    Only God…
    I just loved that Terry and Laurie.
    Only God.


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