The Christian Hub of Nairobi

mayfield blogDear Friends,

I hope this letter finds you well.

As you may know our first two nights in Kenya were spent in the Mayfield Guest House. This house was purchased by AIM (the organization we are on loan to) in the 1920’s for the benefit of traveling missionaries. As you can imagine it has had many upgrades and additions since that time.

What made our stay at the guest house fascinating were the people. The staff (from the kitchen to the front desk) is comprised of friendly, kind and knowledgeable men. Each of these men made us feel welcomed as they took care of our needs through out our stay.

In addition to the wonderful staff there are guests who continually flow in and out. Some stay for just a night while some stay up to two weeks, which is the longest you can stay at one time. Meals are served on a strict schedule and are family style. As we sat around the table chit chatting we met a cast of devoted Christians who shared about their journeys and their life callings.

Let me introduce the people to you in no particular order:

I’ll start with Shannon, a veterinarian who is originally from southern Indiana. She is serving in the desert of northern Kenya. The organization she serves with is working to meet the every day needs of the local people in struggling areas throughout the world. For the past two years the goal of her role for this particular area has been to provide veterinary care to goats, sheep and camels. Incidentally, her practice in Indiana met the veterinary needs of dogs and cats. This fact makes me smile as I think of God’s call on her life. She was staying at the Mayfield while she picked up supplies, sent out mail and rested for a couple of days.

Next was Nancy, a single lady who recently retired from a University located in California as a professor of clinical psychology. She will be teaching a 3 week course to PhD students at the Daystar University located near Mayfield. This is not her first time; she has been coming to Nairobi for many years to teach this course. We did not talk long before the passion she has for her topic and for helping the people of Kenya better themselves became evident. Her course centers on relationships and how these relationships ultimately affect your relationship with God.

The last day we had our meals with Marjorie who has traveled to this area more times then she can count. The purpose of her trips is to go out into the bush and teach chronological biblical story telling to pastors and other church leaders. She is staying at the Mayfield as a stopping point between teaching out in the bush and leaving on vacation to Scotland.
The younger people included a single lady named Emily who has been serving in Tanzania for the past two years. Mayfield was a convenient place for her to stay while doing a week long internship project with the media department at AIM.

Stanley is a Sudanese pastor. He was staying at Mayfield for rest, rejuvenation and to obtain a VISA for travel to the states in order to visit a supporting church. When speaking with him you get a sense of the great burden he carries for the Sudan church and it’s people. At breakfast one morning he was asked what was the biggest struggle with his ministry and without hesitation he answered with one word, “safety”. He followed that one word with “God is faithful.”

As you can imagine meal time was interesting, spell binding and intriguing as we listened to the stories of how the people were serving God. We both commented about how during our stay at Mayfield the women outnumbered the men and about the large presence of single women serving the Lord. Interesting fact, don’t you agree?

Until next letter, blessings to you all.


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