The Fortress Part One


“As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.”
Joshua 24:15

Greetings Friends,

Some of you may be wondering about our housing. Before we left Ohio to come to Kenya this was at the top of the list of the questions we were asked. Our pat answer was “we are not sure.” Which truly was the case; we did not know what our living accommodations would be until we arrived in country and met with our AIM host. Some might call this faith and others might call it crazy. Quite honestly we often fluctuated between the two at a moments notice. In spite of our faith, or lack of, God has provided a two story, one and a half bath, three bedroom (only two bedrooms are open to us) home.

How did this home become available for us you ask? Well, a family who serves with AIM long term left in March for deputation in the United States and will not be returning until early September. They have been kind enough to allow us to occupy their home while they are gone. The timing could not have been better. I do want to add that the walls of their dinning room and living room are the same yellow as our kitchen and dining room walls back in Ohio. Being surrounded by these walls as we eat or hang out has helped to make the house a home. God has taken care of us even to the color of paint.

Their home is located in what Nairobi’s call an “estate”. This particular estate is made up of 180-200 homes that go in a quarter mile circle with dead end spokes. The side walls of each home are shared with the neighboring home. In the states this set up would be called townhouse condos.

And so it is in this home that we continue this extraordinary experience and create memories to share for years to come.

From our home to yours may grace and peace abound.


P.S. Now, without further ado here is a picture essay of “The Fortress (why we call it that will come in the next blog)


Living Room blog 1 Living Room 2 blog


Here is the living room from two different views.

Dining room blog

Here is the dining room that you can see is off the living room.

Kitchen blog

Here is the kitchen that comes after you go through the door there at the dining room.

patio blog

Here is the enclosed porch off of the dinning room.

bedroom blogOur bedroom. Notice the mosquito netting.

bathroom blog

Last but not not least the upstairs bathroom. We have a half bath downstairs but I left that picture out, figured you could imagine that one on your own. 🙂 There is also another bedroom that has a baby’s changing table and another bed that can be used for guest.


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