The Offer



Dear Friends,

I can not remember the exact moment Terry told me about the opportunity to serve in Kenya. It was either by phone or one evening after he had gotten home from the hanger. I just know that in the moment the idea filled me with wonder, excitement and intrigue. Are my expectations of what short term living in Kenya even close to reality? Probably not, but in the moment I don’t see it that way. Was I thinking about how we could serve the Lord in Kenya? I have to be honest; it was not my immediate thought. Instead I contemplated life in Kenya and how living there for 3 months sounded like a cool thing to do.

Following this conversation I did what many of us do in today’s world, I goggled. Combing what Terry told me along with an internet search I learned a little about the organization we could potentially be serving with. The organization, African Inland Mission (AIM), has a Kenya operation located at Wilson International Airport in Nairobi. Their mission is to provide safe air transport service to the ministries of evangelical missionaries, church workers, and Christian relief and development agencies in East and Central Africa. With Africa being full of grasslands, highlands, deserts and war zones the environments these workers go into is difficult, and even dangerous. This makes the planes that are flown critical and the maintenance even more critical.
Terry explained to me that a large part of AIM’s aviation team will be gone over the summer. Therefore, the reason they had came to MMS requesting help. He looked at me and asked me,” would you be up for it?” I didn’t hesitate to tell him “YES”. The prospect of it was enticing. Was I being naive? Probably, but I couldn’t stop myself from quickly agreeing.

After AIM and MMS management discussed timing and need, we were formally asked to serve at AIM this summer. The specific need they have is for a mechanic to help maintain their airplanes and help in other parts of their aviation operation. Following this request we prayed, researched, and took note of doors God clearly opened. Within a couple of days we accepted the offer. The adventure begins.
Thank you for joining us on this journey and hearing about how God is working in our lives. Mission work is not done alone. So, thank you for joining us by reading these letters, by praying and by contributing your finances.

Until next letter, blessings to you all.


P.S. If you interested in more information about the organization the website is:


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