Different Yet The Same- Part Three


Dear Friends,

The question we have gotten asked the most in the past 7 weeks is, “What is different about your life in Nairobi from your life in Ohio?” It is not only asked by Americans but also by Kenyans. We have found it overwhelming to answer with any accuracy. This is the third of three letters devoted to attempting to address this pressing and intriguing question.

Part Three: List of Reflective Thoughts

This time here is a precious gift. It has challenged us and it has changed us. In concluding this series I wanted to provide a list of reflective thoughts on the differences between living here in Nairobi and living in Ohio.

1. Ohio culture is just that, my and Terry’s culture. Others have their own way of doing things, some the same and some different. That’s not just Nairobi, that’s worldwide. The differences aren’t necessarily bad, they are just different.
2. There is much more to living in Nairobi than was or could have been explained. In developing my knowledge about living here, I have had to take peoples’ explanations combined with allowing time to reflect on personal experiences.
3. Life isn’t perfect back in Ohio. Though, there are times it is easy to think it is when I am faced with the unfamiliar and culture shock.
4. Not all of the images of Africa that have been portrayed to me over the years have been accurate. The Africa I have seen and experienced is more than those images.
5. To see God alive and well across the world is encouraging and moving.

I have seen that God is continuing His good work in the redemption story both in Nairobi and in Ohio. It is uplifting to know we get to be a part of that story in either location. Therefore, our time in Nairobi is different from being in Ohio yet it is the same.

“He who began a good work in you, will be faithful to complete it!”
Philippians 1:6

Until next letter,



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