What We Have Been Eating

Dear Friends,

Since we have made our way to Kenya our experience with food has been a mix of stark contrast. When at the house we eat what Mama Kingsley prepares while she is here on Tuesdays, which would be called African food. Then, because of living in the vibrant city of Nairobi we have gotten opportunities to eat in a couple of restaurants and taste American, Ethiopian and Italian cuisine.

Home blog

This picture shows an example of what we eat at the house. It is a dish made up of beans, rice, potatoes and cooked vegetables. It is similar to what Kenyans would eat in their homes.

Buket Lady BlogBucket lady 2

On days that we are at the hanger and want “fast food” for lunch we go to the “The Bucket Lady”. For 50 shillings ($.50) we can order a tasty hot meal made up of beans, rice, cabbage, and a spicy salsa. Chapati, a flat bread, is extra. As you can see in the photo she does a good lunch business.

Ethopian Blog
On our second evening in Kenya we were taken to “Awash”. This is a family owned quaint Ethiopian restaurant. The entire meal came on one huge plate that was placed in the center of the table for everyone to eat from. We each used injera as our eating utensil. Injera is a sourdough-risen flat-bread with a spongy texture that was placed before us in rolls. We each striped off a piece to scoop up the food with and put into our mouths. This was done each time we ate from the plate. Other then the injera I honestly don’t know exactly what we were served that evening. I do remember a bunch of flavors swirling around in my mouth as I ate.

Aquarious BlogPizza Blog

“Aquarius” is located right outside our estate gate and they make a delicious pizza. Other offerings are served but we have yet to try any of them because we like the pizza so much. The draw back to ordering this mouth watering pizza at “Aquarius” is the wait; they make everything from scratch, including the crust. We have found the way to get around this is to walk up and place an order about 3 hours before we actually want it. Then, make our way back to pick it up.

Java Blog

Kenya is known for coffee and tea. I have yet to have a bad cup of coffee and Terry is enjoying Kericho Gold tea. I am able to say that some of the finest coffee I have ever had is right here in Nairobi. The picture above was taken at “Nairobi Java House”. They are a chain situated throughout the city that sells some of Kenya’s fresh roasted coffee along with pastries and meal offerings.

Fariview BlogFairview Blog

“The Fairview” is an upper end hotel with restaurant. They have a varied menu and I was able to have my first salad in weeks. Leafy vegetables can be tricky because they are hard to clean in such a way that we don’t get sick. But, I was able to trust this restaurant to serve lettuce that I would not be paying for later. A table by the pool was a nice compliment to the evening.

Osteria blogOsteria Blog2

Nairobi has an Italian Restaurant, “Osteria” and we had the opportunity to go there with a friend. The fish I ordered was exceptionally good. Terry ordered lasagna and said it was different then American/Italian in regards to the meat and the sauce but none the less good. The night we were there they had live music which made for a nice ambiance. We did not actually try the desserts you see pictured but they looked so good I had to take a photo. Guess we will have to go back again to order dessert.

It has been a blessing to have all the varied eating opportunities that we have experienced. To eat local food has helped us connect to the culture. The chance to eat in the nicer establishments has been a way to mentally recharge as we make our way in what seems to us a chaotic city.

“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”
1 Corinthians 10:31

I pray that you are each blessed as you gather around your dinner tables to share stories, to enjoy good fellowship and to savor delightful food.

Until next letter,



10 thoughts on “What We Have Been Eating

    • Hello Nancy! From what we have read Obama ate his dinner last night at the Villa Rosa Kempinski with his family. I can’t imagine he had beans and rice but then I guess you never know. Thanks for reading and your encouragement.


  1. Hi Laurie :    Your descriptive letter is making my mouth water! I see that President Obama is in Nairobi!  Do you notice effects of his visit in the city? We had a tough week:  said goodbye to Glenn and Stacia and Caryn and Elisa  (and to dear friends who moved to Switzerland!) I’m just stuck here now trying to paint my bedroom!  Davis arrived home this afternoon after a week at camp.  I pick up Laura at her camp after her two CIT program.  So we are all going to have to re-adjust to home life together! Say “hi” to Terry! Love, Nan


    • Hello Nan! Yes, President Obama is here and causing quite a stir. They have called it OBAMA MANIA!!! Nairobi is probably the safest place anywhere right now, except for other parts of Kenya since they pulled thousands of police out. What does this mean for us? It means we stay home! Roads will be closed, the air space will be closed, traffic will be chaos, American flags are being sold on the streets, all hotels are booked in the city, little kiosks along roads are being moved, street people are sent to some “camps”, medians along major roads have been freshly planted, streets cleaned up every where, lives of the normal people are disrupted for 3 days, and people ask if he’s bringing his homosexual agenda to their country! Sometimes it’s difficult to be American in a foreign country. Hope your painting goes well and you are happy with the results. It can be tricky to readjust to everyone under one roof again, LOL. Hope your summer is going well. Love, Laurie


  2. You should definitely try the samosas and chips at Aquarius. You don’t have to wait 3 hours for them, and they are a delicious (though greasily-unhealthy) lunch or afternoon snack 🙂


    • We will have to take you up on your suggestion because, really, we should probably branch out and try something else on the menu.


  3. It ALL looks yummy! We tend to get into our “ruts” here in the states and eat the same things over and over. What a treat to try so many new items! Keep the letters coming … it keeps us connected. Can’t believe you are already on the “down” side of your stay and will be returning home before long. Covering you in prayer! Hugs .. Patti Smith


    • Hello Patti!Thank you for reading and joining us on this journey with your prayers. We would be lost without them. The time is going quickly and four weeks from this Saturday we will be on a plane headed home. Hope to connect with you in person once we get home. Love, Laurie


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