Sights of Everyday Life – Part Four

Dear Friends,

These are five sights I see daily as part of every day life here in Nairobi but would not see where I am from in Coshocton, Ohio. My hope is that by sharing these photos you might see through my camera lens what I am experiencing in this interesting and fascinating part of the world that God loves.

Car wash blog 2

Car Washers- Nairobi is dusty so there are non-stop car washing people stationed all over the city. There isn’t running water at most of the locations so the washers work out of buckets. You can have your car washed wherever the car happens to be located at the time you want it washed. It could be the side of the road, a parking lot, middle of the street, it really doesn’t matter. The owner of the vehicle we are using told us the price is about 400 shillings or $4 American dollars to have a car swept out and washed.

Flowers blog
Flowers- A man we met while on safari worked for the Nairobi police 40 years ago. He told me that at that time the city was full of beautiful flowers. Still today, when I look hard I notice there are many flowering trees and bushes through out the city. Interestingly, when I did a little research I found that Kenya’s roses, carnations and summer flowers are popular in Russia and the U.S. Readers of this letter located in the U.S. may have had flowers in your home at one time or another that originated in Nairobi.

every day sights blog

Bed Maker- Rounding the corner to get to our estate is a bed making business. The beds are made right there on the corner by hand without the aid of power tools. Terry said he is amazed at what the worker can do with a hand saw. To purchase one will cost 10,000 shillings or about 100 US dollars. They do not sell mattresses to go with the frame.

Contrast blog

Contrast- Kenya is full of contrast between western and traditional African. In this picture there is a man wearing western clothes walking with a man wearing a tribal outfit. This is not an unusual sight. Contrasts such as this are seen in a multitude of ways throughout Nairobi and Kenya at large.

Sign blog

Signs- This is the sign hanging in the reception area in AIM. Terry walks by it everyday on the way to his office or hanger. It is a reminder of why we are here, to serve.

Until next letter,




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