Letters From Laurie

Little Dresses For Africa-The Rest Of The Story


Dear Friends,

Back in April, even though I don’t sew, I participated in a sewing event organized by our church to sew dresses for little girls in need throughout the world. And this event was specifically for Africa. (You can read more about this event in an earlier blog titled “Little Dresses For Africa”).

There was a lot of conversation while the dresses were being sewn and I spoke with an older lady who has sewn more then 250 dresses for this cause. In the course of our conversation she told me that she had not seen a picture of one of her dresses on a young girl and how much she would like this opportunity. I shared that I was going to Kenya and offered to take some of her dresses with me. I told her I would try to deliver the dresses to girls in need and, if they would allow, to take their pictures. The sole purpose of this endeavor would be to bring those pictures back to her. As you can imagine, she was thrilled with this plan.

After the sewing event I was given a box of new dresses by another group. Between the two groups I almost filled a duffel bag with dresses for our trip. During the first 6 weeks we were here I waited with anticipation that God would give me an opportunity to deliver these dresses. Nothing happened. I declared to Terry, “I am not packing up these dresses and taking them back home with us! God better bring some girls to me.” And true to God, two opportunities presented themselves in the last three weeks and I have been able to be God’s hands and feet. What an honor and privilege.

The first opportunity was with a neighbor. This family has two young daughters, ages 3 and 8 months. The 8 month old has had substantial medical issues and is not developing as she should. Kenya does not have medical insurance or financial assistance programs to help out with such situations. As you can imagine their medical bills are great.

The family was grateful for the two new dresses God had me bring to them.

This past Saturday God brought the second opportunity for me to deliver the remaining dresses. Our house help, Mama Kingsly, has an 8 year old daughter who has friends that are in need. After explaining about the dresses she invited us to her home to deliver them and to take pictures. (You can read about Mama Kingsley in a blog post titled “House Help” and about her neighborhood and home in the last blog post titled “Different Neighborhoods People Call Home”)

We went to her home and sure enough the number of girls that showed up was the number of dresses I had. It is always amazing to me when God works like that. Here are two of the pictures I will be taking to the lady who has made dresses since 2008.

As we were getting ready to leave Mama Kingsley’s home I heard the young girl’s voices in Swahili outside the door to her apartment. Mama Kingsley turns to me and says, “Do you hear them singing? They are singing, ‘Our God is Amazing, He has blessed us.’” I could only weakly smile in response as I was overwhelmed with awe.

Until next letter,

P.S. If you wish to learn more about Little Dresses For Africa the website is: