What’s happening in the hanger – Week 11?

Dear Friends,

I know I started writing my articles on a two week cycle but my work turning wrenches hasn’t been consistent so my writing hasn’t been either. It is more exciting to tell everyone about the neat work I am doing to keep the airplanes safely flying than it is to tell you about the needed administrative work I have been doing to help meet the needs of the organization. But, God has given me many giftings and I try to serve as called.
Jenny, an MMS apprentice, arrived in Kenya late evening on 2 August. She recovered from her travels pretty quick and was in the hanger on Tuesday the fourth. Laurie took the picture below this evening as we were finishing dinner.


Jenny and Terry blog

On Wednesday we received a warranty replacement engine from the US for the airplane that has been patiently sitting in the corner waiting. While I have been doing paperwork in the office, the rest of the team has been using the time to complete needed inspections so the airplane was ready to receive the engine and be back in service as quickly as possible.

hanger blog x3

Thursday the team started the engine installation and I moved back to the floor to help. The engine compartment has a lot of “stuff” packed in a small area. You basically build in layers and if you put the wrong “layer” (set of accessories) on first, the layer that lives underneath can be difficult, if not impossible to install. Planning is important. By Thursday afternoon the engine was mounted to the airframe and we spent the rest of the day and Friday installing accessories.


hanger blog x4
Monday morning the hanger was full of airplanes needing phase inspections so the engine install was put on hold. Two pilots stationed at a northern base had a medivac run into Nairobi over the weekend and their Cessna 206 was due for a 50 hour inspection. The decision was made that they would complete the inspection in Nairobi before returning home so they started bright and early. Jenny and I were assigned to a second Cessna 206 that was due for 50 hour inspection and Dan, with the Kenyan team, started the inspection on a Cessna 208. The northern team left Monday afternoon and the other two aircraft were back in service Wednesday afternoon. Dan and the Kenyan team switched back to the engine replacement and by the end of the day Friday the propeller was installed.


blog x2

Until next letter,




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