Winding Down

Dear Friends,

We are scheduled to leave Kenya this weekend so our time here is winding down. As we reflect on our experiences these are some of the pictures that flash through our minds.

IMG_9402 (800x531)

When we arrived at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport these were the lines waiting for us at customs and immigration. Pick one. (And, as luck would have it the line we picked moved the slowest.)

IMG_0301 (800x518)

Next experience was the overwhelming traffic here in Nairobi. Street merchants, literally, make their living selling items to people who are waiting in vehicles when traffic is at a standstill. This young man is selling sugar cane.

IMG_0144 (800x533)

There are occasions when traffic is flowing quickly. When this happens the street merchants rest along side the road waiting until rush hour and traffic gridlock.

IMG_1013 (533x800)

IMG_0207 (800x505)

IMG_0204 (800x559)

IMG_0220 (800x533)

Children outside playing or on their way coming and going to school are an everyday sight.

IMG_0071 (800x532)

IMG_0143 (800x533)

IMG_0227 (800x596)

The streets overflow with entrepreneurs and small businesses. These pictures show businesses that sell everything from sodas to hair weaving.

IMG_0275 (800x518)

One of the first people we came to know and care for was Mama Kingsly, our house help.

IMG_0056 (800x495)

Our first venture ordering out was pizza from “Aquarius”. Here the cooks are preparing one of the toppings for our pizza.

IMG_0137 (800x533)

About six weeks into our time here our car broke down. This man, his truck and two other workers towed our car to a repair shop.

IMG_0304 (800x522)

We have not seen one stroller. Instead, Kenyan women tie a length of cloth called a kanga around either their waist or chest as a sling to carry their children. Here a mother with her child is waiting to cross the street.

IMG_0198 (800x533)

Near our home are train tracks. This picture shows a mother and her two children, one walking and the other on her back, making their way along the tracks to where they live.

IMG_0068 (800x604)

Part of our time here was during Ramadan, the Islamic holy month. We saw many Muslims coming and going from the Mosque.

IMG_1136 (800x527)

We took the opportunity to visit four different churches. This is a few of the ladies in the choir during opening prayer.

IMG_0713 (520x800)

In Kenya we saw many sharp contrasts between traditional ways and technology. While on safari to Massa Mara our driver hired a member of the Massai tribe to make certain we got the best experience from our game drive. The gentleman above is a member of the Massai tribe, lives in Masai Mara, and except for the ball cap is dressed in traditional garb. If the photo was enlarged you would see the cell phone in his right hand. It seems Kenya runs on cell phones.

IMG_1169 (800x531)

One Saturday we toured a tea plantation. Here is a gentleman explaining part of the process of picking tea leaves which is done by people and not machines.

IMG_0186 (800x533)

Saturday we will drive through this gate as we head off to the airport. For us the closing of the gate as we depart will be symbolic of bringing our time in Kenyan to an end. Thank you for joining us on this journey with your prayers, encouragement, financial gifts and overall support.

The next letter I write will be state side, until then.



6 thoughts on “Winding Down

    • We are looking forward to connecting with you and hearing the stories of Newpoint while we have been gone. Lots to share on both sides.


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